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Oliver Percovich, founder of the NGO Skateistan started a project in Kabul, Afghanistan almost 5 years ago with a mission to use skateboarding as a tool of youth empowerment in a place where it had never existed.

These images are of the first book which tells the story of the project, and talks about other programmes being set up in Cambodia, Pakistan and Mazar-e-Sharif.

Living in Cape Town, which has a large skateboarding community and having visited Pakistan and seen the streets there lined with Afghani child refugees there is something that is really awesome about what the people at Skateistan are trying to do. Most of the children from this region ( unfortunately) work, earn and provide for their families in the most difficult of circumstances. They are more mature and more adult than most adults I know.

Something that can bring their youth back, that is fun and rewarding as a sport is really awesome. Really Awesome.